“When we first listened to Midnight Miami by Truffles, we were thrown back immediately into the Caribbean of the late 70’s and the Bahamas and England of the 80‘s, when Musicians like Lee Scratch Perry, Augustus Pablo and Max Romeo inspired Grace Jones, The Clash & The Police to record some of the finest reggae dub Pop songs. So we thought let’s mix some interesting & crazy people and produce an EP with several RMXS of Midnight Miami. 
Then in Spring 2022 Janko Raseta, Maximilian Ohl, several Musicians of the Monaco Jazz Club, Mehmet & Kazim and some members of the Aqua Monaco family with a little help of quite a few old school synthesizers created some fine versions of Midnight Miami. Most of it was recorded on a laid back sunny Saturday at the Aqua Monaco Headquarters, except the kissing cousins version. This was born at midnight in Miami during Mehmet & Kazims Art Journey trough Miami in March 2022.
And now everything looks fine and sounds great! Thanks to all of you!
Rob, Timo & Flo”
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