'Die Welt ist noch auf einen Abend mein'
11/04/2023 - 20/05/2023
San Lorenzo, 11 28004 - Madrid, Spain
The exhibition brings together 28 German, Austrian, and North American artists under a common title, which directly refers to a text from the dramatic poem "Don Carlos. Infante de España" by Friedrich Schiller. The group exhibition proposes a subjective perspective of what could be understood as an artistic scene....
...Moving away from certain canonical patterns of movements, schools, generations, or styles, these 28 artists establish connections through common elements that could be found scattered throughout the 25-year career of painter André Butzer. The exhibition coincides with a solo exhibition of Butzer in Madrid, taking place at the @museothyssen from May to September of this year...
...The exhibition is also filled with portraits and eyes, gazes that intersect, looking at us or avoiding us. We have already mentioned Monica Subide, André Butzer, and Grace Weaver; Mehmet & Kazim or Matthias Schauffler would be other possible examples, because, from very different imaginary worlds, the former with cartoonish figures close to pop culture or mass culture, and the latter with a more radical painterly conception, where the deconstruction of the plane and the surface exposes the layers and inner colors of painting to build up the form and the volume, they position their characters as latent beacons in the arrangement of the exhibition...

together with:
Adrian Altintas, Thomas Arnolds, Sarah Bogner, Madeleine Boschan, Andreas Breunig, Jinn Bronwen Lee, Jayme Burtis, André Butzer, Ben Cottrell, Eric P.S. Degenhardt, Thomas Grötz, Philipp Haager, Paula Kamps, Maja Körner, Mehmet & Kazim, John Newsom, Matthias Schaufler, Jana Schröder, David Schutter, Anna Steinert, Frank Stürmer, Mónica Subidé, Alexandra Tretter, Wolfgang Voegele, Grace Weaver, Ulrich Wulff, Josef Zekoff, Jan Zöller.

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