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“Nothing is more suitable to nature than friendship,” says Cicero. Indeed, friendship that develops and grows efortlessly, deepens and endures with effort, has a transformative feature at every stage of life. Especially in adulthood, when our character, lifestyle and perspective of life take shape, and we progress with a certain purpose, new friends who enter our lives, share their ideas, and with whom we can express ourselves freely become even more significant. If our friends are also our colleagues, accompanying our lives with similar concerns, dreams or ideals, these ties evolve into an exchange relationship that transforms us on a professional level and improves our work. The exhibition you are currently in primarily stems from friendship and the convergence of ideas. Featuring works by André Butzer, Mehmet & Kazım, John Newsom, Hell Gette, and Adrian Altıntas, the show creates a meeting atmosphere that spans all floors of Pilevneli by including artists who are friends with André Butzer, a German artist who combines American pop culture and expressionism. Proposed by Mehmet & Kazım, known for their world of hip-hop, breakdance and graffiti, the exhibition was developed with the participation of John Newsom and finally Hell Gette and Adrian Altıntas, and is organized around a large work created by Butzer specifically for the display. The title of the exhibition, chosen by Butzer, is borrowed from the English song 'I’m a mindless idiot' by The Meat Puppets. These words, which ironically highlight the talent, power, and creativity of the artists featured in the exhibition through an ironic contrast, add a more humorous and surprising perspective to the narrative. The artistic and friendly bond among all the artists creates a closeness in their commitment to and approach to art, despite the differences in their painting languages.
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